Healthy, long hair – I want it!!

5 Jan


My hair around June 2009. I had somewhat started to take care of it but the ends were still thin.

I have decided to start a blog / diary about my journey to growing my hair.  I have been interested in “black” hair for some time and have frequented hair forums and blogs.  I was frustrated by the fact that they were usually not written by people in Africa and often spoke of or recommended products that I didn’t have access to.

I have relaxed my hair since around 1992.  In all that time my hair broke and never grew past my shoulders.  It was thin and had split ends.  In February 2005 I stopped relaxing my hair and cut off the relaxed ends.  I was tired of the way my hair was breaking and not growing.  It just did not look healthy.  Because I did not really know how to look after my hair I kept it in braids and weaves.  The condition of my hair did not really improve.  It actually got worse because i essentially ruined my hairline with the braids and weaves.   I would remove braids and have new ones put in the same day or the next day at the latest.  Thinking back the braids were always done too tightly.  In January 2009 my family moved to South Africa.  I decided to relax my hair shortly before we moved.  I also decided to take better care of my hair.  Since then I have been researching hair care and trying all sorts of products.

The idea for a blog came to me when I realised that I had tried so many things but I hadn’t documented anything.  This blog will detail how I look after my hair and what products I use.  I will also do product reviews on products that I have tried as well as document any progress (and set-backs!) I experience during this journey.


My hair now. On the road to health.


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