Retouching on Friday…

1 Feb

I’ve booked with my hairstylist for a retouch this Friday 4 February.  I’m looking forward to it.  My growth is now so difficult to manage and I’m having to take extra care of my hair because I essentially have two textures.  The relaxed hair and the new growth.  I’ve kept up my bi weekly deep conditioning.  I did a protein deep condition yesterday in preparation for my retouch.  I specifically did a protein deep condition to give the hair strength and to prepare it for the chemicals of the relaxer.  As soon as i retouch i will just continue with my normal regimen of bi weekly deep conditioning and daily moisturising.  I will take pictures of my freshly relaxed hair so I can compare with an earlier picture to see if there has been much change in the length and appearance of the hair.  I also want to see if the use of honey and castor oil this past month has made a difference.


3 Responses to “Retouching on Friday…”

  1. awurabena 17 November, 2011 at 3:20 pm #

    I want to find out exactly what i should do before my next relaxer.
    Like you said after I take my braids out,i normally deep condition my hair with organic root stimulator mayonnaise to strengthen it and i leave it for 3days to a week before my next relaxer.
    What I have not been doing and have just began is to moisturise my hair as much as I can-I mentionned that I bought the organic oil incredibly rich moisturiser some days ago.

    There are <> about your hair being as dry as possible before your next relaxer but looking at how African Hair THRIVES on moisture I’m seriously doubting it.What is your take on it?

    I will continue to moisture up to two days before so that my hair is not too soggy before my next retouch,but as for leaving it dry all the way till my next retouch I don’t agree!!

    • Tendayi 17 November, 2011 at 4:08 pm #

      Remember Awurabena that you only should be relaxing the new growth and not all the hair. The fact that your previously relaxed hair is moisturised should not matter. What I do know is that there are some products like oils that can slow down the relaxing process. Some women even add oils to their relaxers to intentionally slow down the chemical process. I actually moisturise my hair even on the day of the relaxer. It won’t be wet but it will be moisrurised. I have not seen any adverse effect. Dry hair just leads to problems of breakage.

      • awurabena 18 November, 2011 at 12:19 pm #

        thank you ,that’s great .I think I will even moisturise the new growth as well as it will help to make it soft and even more manageable before my next relaxer.

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