Meet MzNappyTrini

30 Mar
With her natural hair blow dried and flat ironed to make it straight

I came across MzNappyTrini’s blog by chance while browsing the internet.  I was captivated!!  I decided to interview her to hear her hair story and how her hair got to such lengths.  MzNappyTrini’s hair is natural.  She has been natural her whole life.  I asked her a few questions which she answered below.

1.  Where do you live?

 I currently live in the USA but I was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago and will be returning there shortly.

2.  What is your hair type?

My hair is a mixture of 4s.  It’s very dense, with looser curls around the nape and tight kinks in the crown and a mixture of something else everywhere else. I think most of my hair strands are medium to fine.

3.  What is your regimen?

My regimen is pretty simple and inexpensive and getting more so with the passing weeks/months.  I wash my hair when I have time and it feels like it needs to be washed.  Since the start of the year that has been roughly every three to four weeks.  I alternate between shampooing and conditioner washing (i.e. washing with conditioner as opposed to shampoo).  I deep condition and steam with my Huetiful steamer every time I wash my hair and I finish off my wash day with an Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse (*africanhairblog note – ACV rinses remove residue and product buildup that can cause dullness.  I will do a full post on this).  I do a protein treatment once every 2- 3 months, and a coconut pre shampoo treatment every 3 – 4 months.

On wash day, after letting my hair air dry for at least an hour, I moisturise using Infusium 23 followed by my adapted kimmaytube leave in conditioner (*africanhairblog note – kimmaytube leave in is a homemade moisturiser that’s is made from moisturiser, aloe vera  juice, castor oil and jojoba oil.  See for details) and seal with coconut oil. I massage my scalp with my own homemade oil mixture consisting of tea tree oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and/or any other oil I happen to have.  I then detangle with my fingers and my comb and put my hair in some protective style, usually two strand twists or box braids, making sure to tuck away my ends when I am done.  Between washes I rock my twists or braids in protective styles like French braids or buns, moisturise when my hair feels dry and baggy almost every night (*africanhairblog note – to baggy is to moisturise your hair then cover it with a plastic cap and sleep with it on.  Some choose to wear their hair in a ponytail while they sleep and only wear the bag over the ponytail and so just baggy the ends of the hair.  This helps your hair retain moisture).  I wrap my hair with a satin scarf and sleep on a satin pillow case.  I drink lots of water and try to eat as healthy as possible.

4.  What are the staple products that you use?

I don’t focus so much on specific products as much as making sure the product I am using fulfills a specific need.  That said, these are the products I keep in steady rotation, most of them because they are cheap, easily available and get the job done.  The only ones I would say are ‘must have’ products are my Infusium 23, Redken Extreme Antisnap, Nexxus protein treatment and coconut oil.  Everything else I use is substitutable.

  • Shampoo: Herbal Essence Hello Hydration
  • Conditioner: Suave Tropical Coconut Deep Conditioner – Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise / Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Pak
  • Protein treatment – Nexxus Emergencee polymeric protein reconstructor
  • Leave-in – infusium 23, Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1, homemade (any creamy leave in as a base, redken extreme antisnap, aloe vera juice, jojoba oil, castor oil or any other oils I have available)
  • Sealant – coconut oil

 5.  What are some of your favorite hairstyles?

 My favorite style right now is rocking a textured updo, usually on an old braidout or twistout.  My all time favorite style is a straw set but it takes so much time and my hair always tries to loc if I leave it in more than a week.  I also like wash and goes, especially with the amount of shrinkage I can get depending on what styling technique I use but the tangling I get afterwards is ridiculous.  I do own wigs and ponytails and I do rock braid extensions sometimes but I wear them very rarely and usually it’s just a one night thing.

6.  Have you ever had any hair problems or setback?

I had a minor setback at the beginning of the year trying to wear mini two strand twists as a protective style for a month.  That resulted in an epic detangling disaster.  But in general I haven’t had any major setbacks since I have started paying attention to taking care of my hair and actively growing it out.

7. How long has it taken for your hair to get to the length it is?

Well technically 4.5 years because that’s how many years ago I cut my locs off while living in South Africa.  I kept my hair short for a little over a year and then let it grow out but wasn’t really taking care of it until last year.  Up until 2010 I was regularly braiding, weaving, straightening and cutting my hair so while my hair was growing, it probably wasn’t at maximum potential because I wasn’t taking care of it and hair growth really wasn’t an active goal of mine. Since I started taking care of my hair in 2010, my hair has grown about 15cm (*africanhairblog note – that’s some amazing growth right there!!!  I want it too!!).

You can read MzNappyTrini’s blog on to follow her hair journey.

MzNappyTrini when she cut her locs of in 2006

MzNappyTrini in twists (all her own hair!)



10 Responses to “Meet MzNappyTrini”

  1. Melody 31 March, 2011 at 4:08 pm #

    That is amazing!! i want that length and health too for my hair. Thanks Tendai 🙂

    • Tendayi 31 March, 2011 at 4:53 pm #

      It is amazing and i also want it! Im working towards it and I believe with some work we can get there 🙂

      • patience 04 April, 2011 at 11:17 am #

        Thats long hair indeed. I find my hair grows, now past my shoulder ever since I stopped relaxing it….Maybe these relaxers are not for everyone

      • Tendayi 04 April, 2011 at 7:56 pm #

        @Patience – I agree, relaxers are not for everyone. With some people their hair just thins and breaks.

  2. Carmen 04 April, 2011 at 10:16 am #

    Hi Tendayi,at last i found someone in South Africa that is going through the same hair struggles as I am. I am of coloured race and have fairly dry hair, I started my hair journey last year June (2010) and have been keeping a hair journal to keep track of hair products/growth and just a outlet for all my hair frustrations in general. I started my hair journey by researching why my hair does not grow past my shoulders, but then after reading the longhairforums and watching some you tube videos (about everything to do with ethnic hair) i soon realise what the problem was and started my regime immediately. In the beginning in OD’d (overdosed) on various products especially the natural oils, I ended up with saturated oily hair on a daily basis (have to oil daily), until i found my regime that works for me. Must say it has not been an easy road these past couple of months. Sometimes i felt very inspired and other times not so inspired, but like they say “it’s a journey not a destination. I share your frustration on the products that’s not easily obtainable,wish we had more of a variety to choose from in SA. But stories like MzNappyTrini’s gives me hope that one day I’ll have that long tresses down my back. Thanks again for starting this and I will keep on checking for updates. Hairlovies Carda

    • Tendayi 04 April, 2011 at 8:05 pm #

      Hi Carda!
      I too thought i was the only one hair obsessed in SA! I came across someone else over the weekend. Im beginning to realise there are quite a few of us. Do you have a blog? Maybe you should consider starting one if you dont mind the writing. Would love to find out your regimen and what you think of various products. I will keep featuring more women with long healthy hair. Keep checking back 🙂

  3. Yeukai 05 April, 2011 at 5:42 pm #

    Wow, i really think, race and and where we are may have an impact, hair seems to grow longer for people in the tropics

    • Tendayi 05 April, 2011 at 6:05 pm #

      We can do it too Yeukai 🙂

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