Hair update – 8 weeks post relaxer

8 Jul

Pic taken after a braidout

I’m 8 weeks post relaxer now.  Four more weeks to go to my next relaxer which I plan on getting at 12 weeks post.  It’s the middle of winter and hair care has been a challenge.  I have quite a lot of growth but I have been experiencing quite a lot of shedding and breakage which I put down to the cold.  I notice more hair on my comb in the mornings.  In general I have also learnt that I should handle my hair less as I get closer to the next relaxer.

I have kept up my twice weekly washes and deep conditioning treatments, even with the cold.  I have been washing my hair in the late afternoon and early evening when I know I am not going to leave the house.  That way I don’t have to go outside into the cold with wet hair.  I have also continued to add honey and castor oil to my deep conditioners as well as rubbing castor oil to my scalp twice weekly.  Styling wise I have mostly been doing braidouts (as in the pic above).  After I rinse out the deep conditioner from my hair I plait 3 or 4 braids with my hair and let it air dry that way.  I then take them down the next morning when my hair is completely dry.  For the next few days until the next wash I don’t comb my hair.  I just moisturise and then shake it out to position the curls.  Combing would ruin the curls.

My next hair update will be at 12 weeks post relaxer followed by another one soon after I relax my hair.  I’m praying it hasn’t thinned because of the extra winter shedding and breakage.


2 Responses to “Hair update – 8 weeks post relaxer”

  1. Irene Hungwe 08 July, 2011 at 5:17 pm #

    i am impressed! Washinga iwe tendayi – your hair is loving the TLC that you are giving it. Seeing hair on the comb is so natural to some of us. How do you tell whether you are experiencing breakage or shedding – i grew up seeing hair on my comb and was not really bothered until now but just in case i should be concerned whats the difference and what should i look out for as signs of breakage or shedding.

    • Tendayi 08 July, 2011 at 5:42 pm #

      Thanks Irene

      You will see hair on your comb because our hair is constantly shedding as well as breaking too from the combing snd manipulation. It shouldnt be much though. Each time you comb your hair observe the amount before you throw the hair away. That way you will soon be able to tell whether the amount is decreasing or increasing. Though there isnt much you can do about normal shedding you can try your best to reduce breakage. The less your hair breaks unecessarily the more length you will see.

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