Still haven’t relaxed…

16 Aug

I was planning on getting a relaxer over the weekend but my hairstylist caught a bad cold and I had to postpone it.  Its now Tuesday and I am now officially 13 weeks post relaxer.  I have been told she will be in tomorrow. I really hope she will.  I am still moisturising my hair but I am no longer bothering to comb it or even style it.  I just moisturise and tie it back as well as use a headband.  I contemplated self relaxing but chickened out.  I don’t think Im ready yet!  My issue is that the hairstylist has been texlaxing my hair (ie intentionally underprocessing my hair).  I’m afraid that if I relax my hair myself I will end up processing it more than my hairstylist does.  I like the texlaxed look and I want to keep it.

I really hope my hairstylist comes tomorrow!!


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