Hair update – 4 weeks post relaxer

20 Sep

Once again I’m four weeks post relaxer.  The weeks just seem to be flying by so fast.  The last four weeks have been uneventful really.  I have kept up my supplement intake.  I have taken a hair skin and nails (HSN) supplement every day since I started four week ago.  My plan is to keep taking them for the next 8 weeks until my next relaxer.  I will then decide whether they have been beneficial to me and whether I want to keep taking them.  I have also washed and deep conditioned my hair twice a week and also applied castor oil to my scalp twice a week.  I plan to do this religiously till my next relaxer. 

I have been doing more roller sets than usual.  I have set my hair with plastic rollers about 4 times in the last four weeks.  I usually do it just before the weekend. When I roller set my hair I do not comb or brush it until the next wash.  I just pin it down before I sleep and shake it out in the morning.  I decided to do more roller sets now and enjoy my hair because as I get closer to my next relaxer the growth comes in and I set it less often.  On the days when I don’t have my hair set I wear it in a protective style, mostly a bun.  As for growth, it is beginning to come in now but it’s not yet enough to worry about.  This usually comes at around 8 weeks for me.


4 Responses to “Hair update – 4 weeks post relaxer”

  1. Sandi 22 October, 2011 at 7:27 pm #

    God bless ur hair it looks beautiful 😀 keep up with castor oil… I use that too and I also use coconut oil both make hair really thick and healthy… And ur hair looks nice like that too… I have a bunch of hair thanks god too the coconut oil my mom put me when I was a baby and really thick

  2. ifai 20 January, 2012 at 4:01 pm #

    Did you roller set this yourself??? This is amazing. How do you pin it down for the night?

    • Tendayi 20 January, 2012 at 6:36 pm #

      Yes I did the roller set myself. Ive had lots of practice!! At night I just pin up the hair at the back so that all the hair is in my scarf. The next morning I shake it out and massage my scalp. I dont comb the hair out. A roller set for me lasts about 2 to 3 days.

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