Huetiful hair steamer – my thoughts

1 Apr

I have been using the Huetiful Hair steamer for about a month now.  In that time I have used it six times.  I had planned to use it once a week but I have found myself using it more than that.  To summarise how I feel about the steamer – I love it!!  I definitely feel that it is more moisturising than using a dome dryer which is how I used to deep condition my hair before I got the steamer.  The downside that I foresee is that I will use the steamer too often and my hair will become over moisturised. 

Here are my thoughts:

  •          The steamer is compact, easy to store and light to carry.  I keep all the components inside the dome and place the dome in a cupboard.  It is small enough to fit in a cupboard among my clothes.
  •          The steamer is easy to assemble as well as take apart once I’m done.  The first time I used it I followed the ‘how-to’ on the official website.  The video was easy to follow and I only needed to watch the video.
  •          I feel like the steamer works best when I use a deep conditioner that has oil or when I add an oil to the conditioner.  I seem to get the best results this way.  The first time I used it I used Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Pack.  My hair was very soft.  The next time I added coconut oil to it and my hair was even softer (super soft!)  The next time I used the steamer I left out the oil and my hair wasn’t as soft as when I added the oil.  I added the oil again the next time and once again I had super soft hair!  I think the steamer would be excellent when used on natural hair.
  •          The steamer switches off after 20 minutes.  No need to worry about the steamer running out of water.
  •          I was also given the facial attachment to use to steam my face.  I haven’t used this yet.  Id actually forgotten I had it! I will let you know what I think when I use it.
  •          I wish the dome was bigger.  While sitting under the dome, the steamer does not get to all the hair.  The back of my head remains cold while the front is hot.  To remedy this I turn around and sit facing the steamer halfway through steaming.  Alternatively I run the steamer twice, once sitting facing forwards and the second time around sitting facing the steamer.  On second thoughts, the problem may not be the size of the dome but how the steam rotates within the dome.
  •          You cannot adjust the height of the steamer.  You have to adjust the height of your seat or the height of the surface you place the steamer on.  I remember reading somewhere that you can place it on an ironing board and adjust the ironing board height to suit you. 

I love the steamer and I will continue to use it.  I think I will be very happy I have it in winter because my hair gets quite dry during the winter months. 


6 Responses to “Huetiful hair steamer – my thoughts”

  1. ndeyak 02 April, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

    Hi. Where did you buy the steamer and for how much? I found that when combined with the Moroccan Oil it does wonders. And yes I agree, it is better than the dome hair dryer most of the time.

    • Tendayi 02 April, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

      Hi Ndeyak
      The steamer was given to me by the guys from Huetiful.

  2. Matsela 03 April, 2012 at 7:59 am #

    Can you find out for us where we can buy it and estimated price. I really would like to have one after reading this thread.

    • Tendayi 03 April, 2012 at 9:55 am #

      The steamers are sold online on their website They sell for usd120 including a facial attachment for steaming the face. USD115 without the facial attachment.

  3. Lindeni 13 May, 2013 at 4:40 pm #

    Where did you get it? For how much?

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