Africa International Hair Extravaganza 2013

5 Sep


I passed through (literally!) the Africa International Hair Extravaganza (AIHE) held this past weekend at the Brightwater Commons in Johannesburg.  I was in Johannesburg for something else and passed though on my way back home.  I attended the expo last year, read my thoughts about it here.

Since I only spent a few minutes at the expo I really cannot say much except for what I observed in the time I was there.  I liked this year’s venue much more.  It was outdoors and it was fully utilised.  What I did notice though is that the expo is still quite small (granted it probably takes years to ‘grow’ an expo).  I also noticed that some of the exhibitors from last year were absent e.g. Black Like Me, Easy Waves, SofnFree, Perfect Choice and Jabu Stone.  There were some new exhibitors though e.g. Avon, Ultimate Organic Hair, Nich Hair Care (T444Z), Phillips.  It would have been great if the exhibitors from last year returned, added onto the new exhibitors, it would have made the expo bigger. 

I also noticed that unlike last year the expo ambassadors were not models / artists but people involved in the hairdressing industry (Nthato Mashishi, Khosi Mthembu, Thomas Tsheola and Isaac Letele).

It was great that this year the entry fee was lowered.  I paid R100 (about US$11) as opposed to R220 (about US$24) for a one day ticket.  This was a great improvement because last year I really felt short-changed.

Many of my thoughts on the expo last year still stand.  Did you attend the expo this year?  What did you think?

Some pics from the expo:






DSC_0409 (2)




2 Responses to “Africa International Hair Extravaganza 2013”

  1. Grace 05 September, 2013 at 1:54 pm #

    I was at the Professional beauty and hair Expo at Gallagher Convention Center. I was more on the skin side did not have time to visit the hair side. Maybe people went to the Professional hair Expo instead.

    • Tendayi 06 September, 2013 at 2:06 pm #

      I heard that one was geared more towards professionals in the hair business and not really to the public. It would be interesting to find out if people opted to go there instead.

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