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The Healthy Hair Indaba 2014

27 Feb

Aisha, Kavuli, Wisaal, Tendayi and Carice

The inaugural Healthy Hair Indaba (HHI) was held this past Saturday the 22nd of February 2014 and boy did we have fun!  We spent many late nights over the past year or so planning and it was great to see everything we had planned unfold.  Our aim in hosting the HHI was to get like-minded women under one roof to discuss healthy hair.

The event was planned and hosted by myself along with four other bloggers (we call ourselves the Hair Gurus)  – Carice, Kavuli, Aisha and Wisaal.  It was held at the Motions Academy in Johannesburg CBD.  We hosted 60 attendees though we had about 90 people in attendance including media as well as representatives from some sponsors.


Inside the Motions Academy

The HHI was divided into two sections by a break.  Before the break we discussed hair problems / issues which included hair myths and common hair problems.  After the break we covered solutions to the hair problems, including the basics of hair care, product ingredients and kids hair care.  There was also a styling session before and after the break.

HHI goodie bag

Contents of the goodie bag

This HHI would not have been a success without the sponsors who were very generous.  The goodie bag alone was something else.  It was described often as a goodie bag on steroids!  Each product in the goodie bag was handpicked by the hair Gurus and we made sure that the bag was filled with mostly full size products.  The products on the goodie bag were valued at R1,667 (US$160).  I kept saying I’ve been to many events but never one where the goodie bag had so much stuff and was so heavy!

HHI sponsors

We also had lots of giveaways throughout the event, 34 to be precise! With 60 attendees more than half the women present managed to walk away with a prize.  The giveaways were worth R14,000 (R1,400).

hhi pic

Wisaal in the Citizen newspaper

We have received plenty of love from the media.  On the day of the HHI we trended on twitter under the hashtag #HHI14.  We also had a picture appear in the Citizen newspaper on the 24th of February as well as an article on the Citizen website.  On the 26th of February Carice was invited to Redi Thlabi’s show on Talk 702 to discuss hair.  You can listen to the podcast here.  We were also filmed for the show The Link that airs on SABC 1 on Wednesday at 6pm.  Our media partner was True Love magazine and they were also in attendance to cover the event.


Answering questions for ‘The Link’

As to how I wore my hair on this day, I had my hair flat ironed by Kavuli.  I wanted to wear it straight.  The flat ironing managed to blend the two textures I have on my head.


It was really great to meet some of the women who read my blog.  I loved putting faces to the names.  You can see more pics on the blogs facebook page.

In summary – it was a lovely day.





Healthy Hair Indaba 2014

22 Jan

HHI Flyer_Final A5

Four fellow bloggers and I have gotten together to bring you a healthy hair ‘indaba’.  The four bloggers are Aisha from My Fro and I, Kavuli from Goodhairdiaries, Wisaal from Wiscellaneous and Carice from Destiny.

It will be an afternoon of full of fun where you can look forward to:

  • hair care and styling tips
  • valuable advice and lessons learned from our hair journeys
  • complimentary goodie bags
  • an assortment of hors d’oeuvres and drinks to enjoy during the session
  • a chance to win free hair consultations, hair care books and other prizes

The indaba will be held in Johannesburg on the 22nd of February 2014pm from 2 to 5pm.  Visit the #HHI14 website for all the details.

I’m really looking forward to this.  Book early, seating is limited.

Africa International Hair Extravaganza 2013

5 Sep


I passed through (literally!) the Africa International Hair Extravaganza (AIHE) held this past weekend at the Brightwater Commons in Johannesburg.  I was in Johannesburg for something else and passed though on my way back home.  I attended the expo last year, read my thoughts about it here.

Since I only spent a few minutes at the expo I really cannot say much except for what I observed in the time I was there.  I liked this year’s venue much more.  It was outdoors and it was fully utilised.  What I did notice though is that the expo is still quite small (granted it probably takes years to ‘grow’ an expo).  I also noticed that some of the exhibitors from last year were absent e.g. Black Like Me, Easy Waves, SofnFree, Perfect Choice and Jabu Stone.  There were some new exhibitors though e.g. Avon, Ultimate Organic Hair, Nich Hair Care (T444Z), Phillips.  It would have been great if the exhibitors from last year returned, added onto the new exhibitors, it would have made the expo bigger. 

I also noticed that unlike last year the expo ambassadors were not models / artists but people involved in the hairdressing industry (Nthato Mashishi, Khosi Mthembu, Thomas Tsheola and Isaac Letele).

It was great that this year the entry fee was lowered.  I paid R100 (about US$11) as opposed to R220 (about US$24) for a one day ticket.  This was a great improvement because last year I really felt short-changed.

Many of my thoughts on the expo last year still stand.  Did you attend the expo this year?  What did you think?

Some pics from the expo:






DSC_0409 (2)



Hairstyle vs hair care

24 May

a gorgeous hairstyle

One of the most important things to understand when it comes to hair is the difference between a hair style and hair care.  Our hair needs a certain level of care for it to be healthy, a great hairstyle is a bonus.  A hairstyle is all about the way that hair is cut or ‘arranged’.  This arrangement can also be achieved with additions like braids and weaves.  Hair care on the other hand refers to the actual care of the hair in a bid to keep or make it healthy.

Many women think that by going to a salon once a month and changing their hair style they are taking care of their hair.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  A monthly salon visit alone is not enough.  Hair needs to be taken care of between those visits.  Hair needs regular moisturising for it to be healthy – unfortunately occasional visits to the salon will not give it this.  In my opinion, hair care ranks higher than hair styling!  If a style interferes with your ability to take care of your hair properly then rather don’t do it.  Hair that is in great condition not only looks great but is also able to hold a style for longer.

It is best to rely on salons for hair styling but to rely on yourself for the hair care.  Make sure you wash and deep condition as well as moisturise your hair regularly at home.  Use salons mainly for getting hairstyles that you cannot do yourself at home.  For a salon to adequately take care of your hair care needs, you would need to visit it almost every day.

My parting shot to you is this – next time you walk out of a salon with your style looking fantastic, ask yourself if your hair care is also up to scratch!


Style tutorial – perm rod set on braids

10 May

Thought I would share pics of my daughter’s braids when they have been set with perm rods.  I do this not only because it looks great, but also to shorten the length of her braids since they are always long because her hair is long.  I just feel braids that are too long do not look appropriate on a young girl.DSC_0101

All you need to do this are some perm rods, a small bucket / container and hot water.  Perm rods come in several sized.  I bought average sized ones for mid-size curls.  You can use any type of roller really, anything round will do.  If you use ordinary rollers you can hold them in place with bobby pins.  You can even use drinking straws to create tiny spirals.  Large rollers will create waves, these look great on thinner braids.

perm rod set

I always begin with clean, freshly washed hair.  I place the perm rods just on the ends of the braids.  The higher you place the perm rods, the more curls you have and the fuller they style.  You can also create a fuller style by using more rollers.  Once I have placed the rollers on all the braids I dip each roller in hot water.  You need to make sure you do not skip any braids.  Let the braids cool before removing the perms rods.


These curls will last quite a long time.  They become looser with time and with washing.  You can simply renew them again by repeating the process if they are beginning to look ‘tired’.



How I wash braids

3 Apr

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now but I realised it would need pictures to accompany it so that it makes sense.  I managed to get some pictures taken while I washed my daughters braids.  I wash my own braids the same way.

I’m often asked how I manage to keep braids looking neat for up to eight weeks.  I believe part of it is in how I wash them.  In the pics my daughter has had the braids for almost eight weeks.  They still look quite good.

I like to wash my braids over a tub using a hand held shower head.  You can do the same thing standing under the shower or you can even use a bucket.

So here is the process:

You will need a towel and some shampoo. You need a towel that’s big enough to wrap around your head.  I use a bath towel.  You may dilute your shampoo with water in a spray bottle if you wish.


Thoroughly rinse your braids before you begin.  This will dislodge any dirt and wash away any dust on the surface of the braids.


Put some shampoo in one hand.   The pic below shows the amount of shampoo I use per lather.


Apply the shampoo to your scalp using the free hand.  Take a bit of shampoo and apply it all over your head including your hairline and nape.  If you are using diluted shampoo in a spray bottle then spray the shampoo onto your scalp.  Massage your scalp your fingertips.  Make sure you are concentrating on the scalp.  Do not worry about the length of the braids at this stage.  Also make sure you have massaged every inch of your scalp.  Pay attention to any areas of the scalp that might itch.


Rinse out the shampoo.  The lather will run down the length of the braid washing them as they go.


Apply shampoo to the scalp once more.  Massage the scalp again.  This time squeeze the shampoo lather down the length of the braids to the ends.  Squeezing the braids will help to clean them.  If you have not washed you braids in a long time you will notice that the lather is brown with dirt!


Rinse the hair once more, taking care to get all the shampoo out.  Gently squeeze out excess water from the braids.


Wrap your head in a towel.  Make sure all the braids are covered.  You can tuck the ends of the towel in to prevent water trickling down your back.  Keep the towel on your head for about 10 minutes.  The towel will absorb the water from the braids.


After 10 or so minutes remove your braids and let them air dry.  At this stage you can spray some braid spray on the length of the braids to moisturise them.  Once dry you can apply an oil of your choice to the scalp.

My daughters braids at 8 weeks

My daughters braids at 8 weeks

To summarise – When washing braids there is no need to scrunch them up or disturb them too much.  Just concentrate on getting your scalp clean.  Squeeze the length of the braids to get the dirt out.  Since you should be washing your braids frequently (I prefer weekly) they won’t really be dirty anyway.


Pics of mineral oil / petrolatum free moisturisers

20 Mar

Following my post on pics of sulphate free shampoos last week, I thought I would go back to the shops and see what petrolatum or mineral oil free moisturisers / leave in conditioners I could find.  Once again I went to Clicks, Dischem and Checkers.  If anything was out of stock on the day I went to the shop then it won’t be included in this post.  I have found that when it comes to Clicks stores, look for hair products in the bigger branches.  In Pretoria I go to the branch at Menlyn Park Mall because this is the biggest Clicks in my area.  Smaller branches stock very few hair products.

There are more mineral oil free moisturisers than what appears in this post, I just focused on what can be found in the three shops I visited.  I chose these shops because they are found in most towns in South Africa.  I have to place a disclaimer though that all I did was look at the ingredients list to see if a product has mineral oil or not.  I did not go through all the ingredients to see what else is in the product.  I suggest that before you buy any of these moisturisers you make sure you are happy with the other ingredients the product contains.

In taking pictures it made me realise just how many curl / gel activators there are out there.  Maybe I can find one to replace Scurl Activator Moisturiser which has been out of stock in South Africa for months.

I did not include braid sprays in my pics though many do not contain mineral oil and they can also be used to moisturise the hair.

 1.       Organic Root Stimulator Carrot Oil1

Contrary to what the name implies, this is actually a moisturiser and not an oil!  I came across it in Dischem though I know you can find it in Clicks too.  It costs R65.95 (US$7.30).  This is one of the moisturisers that I have.
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