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Got a fresh relaxer

14 May

relaxer day

I had a relaxer this past Saturday at 13 weeks post relaxer.  I went to the hair salon and used the same hairstylist I have used for about a year now.  My hair was relaxed with Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Relaxer (normal strength) after applying Softsheen Carson OptiCalm Pre-Relaxer Protector on my scalp.  The pre-relaxer protector was applied to my whole scalp with emphasis on my ears, hairline and nape.  I asked the hairstylist not to relax my hairline so she didn’t apply any relaxer crème onto it.  I felt there was no need given that the hair is so fine there anyway.  As it is, you can hardly notice that my hairline was not relaxed this time round.  After the relaxer crème was neutralised, the hair was blow dried and flat ironed after applying Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum.

I’m fairly happy with the progress my hair has made.  The layers I had when my hair was cut in February are almost gone now.  I have also gained some length.  I’m still holding on to my goal of reaching bra strap length (bsl) by December 2012.  Over the next three months I will focus on length retention by making sure I minimise breakage to increase length.  I will keep up with my regimen as I feel it is working.  I may also get my hair braided in July since this is the coldest month in South Africa and it will help me protect my hair against the cold.

So what changes am I planning for the next 12 weeks:

  • I will seal my hair with coconut oil each time after I moisturise.  I haven’t been doing this consistently.  I will make sure I concentrate on the ends.
  • I will pre-poo my hair more often.  I have been doing this infrequently, though it makes my hair very soft.

Wish me luck!

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February 2012


May 2012 – Im wearing the same shirt as above


May 2012


A relaxer …. and a cut!

6 Feb
After my relaxer and cut yesterday

So I had my hair relaxed yesterday.  While I was at it I got my hair cut.  Yes, you read right, cut!!  I had my hair relaxed and I decided to ask the stylist to cut off the thin ends I had from the days I used to relax my hair bone straight.  Compared to the rest of the hair the ends looked thin.  Initially I had planned to slowly trim them off over a period of time but while I was sitting in the salon I just decided that the thin ends should go!  Suffice to say my ends were cut off and I am now back to the length I was a year ago in February 2011.  As soon as she was done I regretted my decision because my hair felt so short.  She cut off about 5cm or so.  I realised when I got home and started taking pics that the stylist cut my hair in layers.  I actually prefer my hair in a blunt cut.  It doesnt really matter though because I know it will grow out soon.

Even though I have lost quite a bit of length (I am now in between shoulder length (sl) and arm pit length (apl) I still hold onto my goal of bsl by December.  I will try my best to reach my goal.  I will return to relaxing every 12 weeks.  My next relaxer will in early May 2011.

As for yesterday’s relaxer, I used Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Relaxer (regular strength).  My hair is texlaxed meaning the stylist deliberately washes off the relaxer after a few minutes before the hair is bone straight.  This means my hair is left with a bit of curl in it.  The reason why it is straight in the pic above is because it has been flat ironed (after applying a heat protectant).

I will return to my normal regimen of washing and deep conditioning twice a week as well as moisturising daily.  I will do this religiously until the next relaxer.

I have continued to take the Hair, Skin and Nails (HSN) vitamins.  I started taking HSN vitamins in August 2011.  It’s been about 6 months now and I don’t really see any change to my hair or skin.  My nails on the other hand have become extremely strong and grow much faster.  I have to cut my nails more often now.  I will continue to take the vitamins at least until I have taken them for a year.  I will then review and decide whether to carry on.

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My latest relaxer

19 Aug

I’ve finally had my relaxer on Wednesday.  I had it a few days later than I had planned because my hairstylist fell ill and was not coming to work.  I even contemplated self relaxing but I chickened out!  I wasn’t sure how I would deal with the back of my head that I couldn’t see.  I was also nervous about over processing since I am now texlaxing (intentionally under processing) my hair so it (appears) thicker.

I used Organic Root Stimulator (regular strength) just like my last relaxer 12 weeks ago.  The hairstylist left it on for only a few minutes before rinsing and shampooing it off.  She then went on to blow dry and flat iron (after applying Organic Root Stimulator heat serum).  I asked her to trim the ends which she did.  She trimmed off about 0.5cm or so.

It is now 6 months since I started blogging and tracking my hair journey.  It’s also been 6 months since I have been making a proper effort where my hair is concerned.  In the 6 months my hair has made a huge turnaround and I must say the effort has paid off. 

Looking at the pictures, my hair is thicker than it was at the last relaxer.  I do not think it is longer though, it just looks like it has filled out.  I was really worried about this relaxer because it has been cold over the last 3 months and I experienced quite a lot of shedding.  I was actually nervous that my hair may have thinned visibly from the shedding.  I was wrong!

So what are my plans for the next 12 weeks until my next relaxer? 

  •       I will continue to wash and deep condition my hair twice a week.
  •       I will continue adding honey and oil to my deep conditioners.
  •       I will oil my scalp twice a week with castor oil.  I had slackened off on this but I think I will start again.  I had stopped because my scalp no longer itches and I do not get dandruff anymore.  I was thinking though that I should continue to keep scalp problems at bay.
  •       I will be taking some hair,skin and nail vitamins.  We discussed them on the facebook page and I promised to write a blog post about them.  I then decided to take them until my next relaxer to see what effect they will have.  I took my first one on Wednesday (the day I got the relaxer).
  •      I plan to incorporate more protein treatments to minimise breakage.  I really want my hair to be as thick as it can be.  I think I will be using my Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise more often.  I feel that in terms of moisture I am covered but I now doubt that my hair is getting the protein it needs.  I have been complaining about breakage for months now.

Will keep you posted how it’s all going!

Change in last 6 months. I'm wearing the same top.

The beginning of my journey vs today

The ends have filled out and thickened since my last relaxer

Time for a length check!

9 May

My hair on 5 February 2011 after a relaxer

My hair on 6 May 2011. I estimate i have gained between 2 and 3 cm in length 🙂

So I’ve finally had my relaxer. I had it on Friday 6 May 2011.

I went to a hair salon.  I haven’t yet mastered the art of relaxing my own hair at home.  I went to the same salon and used the same hairstylist that I used 12 weeks ago.  I will keep going to her because I like her.  She knows about hair and she doesn’t relax my hair bone straight which makes it looks fuller.  She is actually the one who suggested I only relax my hair for a few minutes so it isn’t bone straight.  She has been relaxing my hair that way since then. Continue reading

Finally had a retouch!

8 Feb

My hair around early January 2011

My hair on 5 February 2011 after a retouch

I have finally had a retouch!  I had it done on the 5th of February as planned.  I used Organic Root Stimulator relaxer just like the last time.  Looking at the two pictures comparing my hair a month ago and now it looks slightly longer and thicker.  I wonder if I can attribute that to the castor oil and honey I have been adding to my deep conditioners.  I have decided to keep up the castor oil and honey for the next three months until my next retouch.  This will enable me to compare like with like because I will take pics on the day i have the retouch done.  I plan on getting my next retouch around the 5th of May. Continue reading