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Darling High Tea

29 Nov

Last Friday I was invited to a High Tea hosted by Darling South Africa at Mangwanani Spa.  It was an intimate gathering with women mostly from the beauty division of magazines.  It was a great day that ended in a blissful full body massage.

Mangwanani Spa

The event MC was Thuli Tabethe, who began proceedings by showing the trailer to ‘Good Hair’ and then leading a discussion on what we defined as ‘good hair’.  It was interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts.  The discussion reinforced how much stress women go through when it comes to their hair as well as how often hair stylists make mistakes with our hair.

Thuli Thabete

Nthato Mashishi then led a question and answer session where his focus was on healthy hair and keeping hair healthy underneath weaves and braids.  He stressed that for a great hairstyle it was important to take care of the foundation (the hair).

Nthato Mashishi

Among the questions asked were how long to keep a weave (about a month) and how often to get a treatment (at least every two weeks).  He was also asked how long it takes for a hairline to recover (it differs with each person).  I really enjoyed the discussion.  Nthato then introduced us to some models who had Darling hair weaves and braids.

Darling models

After the two sessions we went off to the change rooms to put on robes and slippers.  This was followed by a soothing foot massage and immediately after a full body hot stone massage.  The full body massage was so relaxing I think I fell asleep during the massage!

Foot massage

Thank you Darling South Africa.  I had a great time.



Ethnique Hair and Beauty Show 2012

31 Oct

I attended the Ethnique Hair and Beauty Show in Soweto this past Monday.  It was the last day of the show and I spent about an hour there.  Last year I described the show as ‘very small’, well this year it was even smaller!  The only ‘big name’ brand that was there were NexSheen Arganics and Dr Miracle (they brought their Curl Care range).  The other brands that were there last year like Crème of Nature, Profectiv, African Pride and Revlon Realistic did not exhibit this year.  A brand that I did see last year that was there this year is Isoplus.

It all just left me wondering – how is it that this hair show is getting even smaller.  Why are the brands who were there last year not exhibiting this year.   Also, once again, where were Mizani, Dark & Lovely, Lusters, Ladine, Sof n Free, Organic Root Stimulator, Sta Sof Fro, Jo’M, Jabu Stone etc.  Granted, you do not need big name brands to host a successful hair show but I think big brands take up space and give us more to see and browse.  Unfair as it may seem, they also give a show credibility.

While I was there Tamyla McElroy, a stylist from the US, install a weave on a model.  The demonstration was targeted at hairstylist and she shared her technique as well as some relaxer tips.

Overall the hair show was a disappointment for me.  It was extremely small.  It left me wondering if there will be another one next year at this rate.

The hair show was held in the food court at Maponya Mall in Soweto.  Entrance was free.

wigs by Frika
Tamyla McElroy


I’m featured in Shimmer by Motions magazine!

24 Oct

I am featured on page 29 of the November – December 2012 issue of Shimmer by Motions!  So excited!  See the article below.  Just click on the rectangle at the bottom right of the picture so it opens up the full page.


To top it all off, I was also quoted on page 6 of the same magazine too!  This was something I had entered on the magazines facebook page.


The Sheer Glamour Hair Show

2 Oct


My sister Rumbi (left) and I

Last Wednesday, I was invited to the Sheer Glamour Hair Show at SA Fashion Week (held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Johannesburg).  The hair show marked the opening of SA Fashion Week and was sponsored by Motions and Tresemmé.   The aim of the hair show was to showcase fashion as well as showcasing hair trends that are likely to dominate in the upcoming season.  Among the hairstylists in attendance were Ursula Stephen (renowned for being Rihanna’s hairstylist!), Nthatho Mashishi, Mathew Mansoor and Apo Makhale.  Designers that showcased on the night included Tiaan Nagel, Black Coffee, Lunar, Rubicon, Suzaan Heyns and many more.

I wore my hair in a bun

Hotel Lobby

The following day I was invited to a press workshop at the Motions Hair Academy in Joburg cbd where the hairstylists explained to us how they had created the styles we had seen on the runway as well as how to interpret them into everyday hair styling.

I must say I had lots of fun at both events.  I took my sister with me to the fashion show and we loved celeb spotting as well as admiring other people’s hairstyles!  I also got to meet Kavuli who blogs on GoodHairDiaries.  We had been communicating for ages but had never met.

Kavuli and I

Let me start with the fashion show:

The ethnic hairstlyles on the ramp were quite simple and most of them were styles that women can wear on an average day.  They were also varied with curls as well as sleek hairstyles.

Minnie Dlamini walked the ramp (she is a Motions ambassador) and showcased her new hair.  She has taken a break from weaves and I must say her own hair looks great.  There is often the assumption that if someone wears weaves often, they are hiding a multitude of sins under the weave!  Turns out that’s not the case with Minnie!

Minnie Dlamini

I loved the clothes showcased by Vesselina Pentcheva.  Her dresses were stunning!

A Vesselina Pentcheva dress

A few celebs whose pics I managed to get

DJ Zinhle – she was right on trend with her hair style

Weza Solange

Nthabi Mphahlele from Muvhango. Her short hair is stunning.

Actress Zikhona Sodlaka. She was wearing a turban over short, coloured hair. Her hair was showing at the top!

Press Workshop

This was my first time visitng the Motions Academy and I must say it looks great.  It comprises three rooms, the salon itself, a café area and a room used for training.  The workshop was held in this room.

The lobby / cafe

the salon

Wash area in the salon

workshop area

The stylists presented the styles that were shown on the ramp the night before and explained how they had attained it and what products were used (Motions and Tresemmé products).  Those in attendance also got to ask questions.

Matthew Mansoor

I loved the fact that a lot of attention was given to hair care, not just hairstyling.  Some of the tidbits that were shared include

  • ‘Towel dry hair to allow conditioner to penetrate better.  Conditioner does not penetrate well when hair is soaking wet’ Matthew Mansoor
  • ‘The hairline reacts when it is abused.  The more you pull the more your hairline breaks off’ Ursula Stephen
  • ‘A great hairstyle is based on a healthy foundation’ Ursula Stephen
  • ‘hair education is important’ Nthatho Mashishi
  • ‘I am not a fan of extensions.  Let’s work with our hair – we have the products’ Matthew Mansoor
  • ‘When tying hair back, first leave out the hairline, tie hair back then add the hairline in.  This ensures that the hairline is not under undue stress’ Ursula Stephen

Ursula Stephen

Apo and Nthatho

The stylists predicted that trends were going towards lots of texture for the hair – this encompassed natural hair and curls for those with relaxed hair.  I guess this is what we are seeing with the advent of the perm rod set (as seen on Minnie on the ramp).

Did any of you attend SA Fashion Week?  What did you think?


Happy New Year!!

5 Jan

My braids today

Happy New Year!!!  I decided to take a break from blogging and social networks during the festive season to spend time with family.  I hope you had a great holiday and I wish you all the best for 2012.  I’m now back and feeling refreshed.

Today is the blogs one year anniversary.  I began blogging on 5 January 2011.  It doesn’t feel like I have been blogging for a year now!

I still have braids on my hair.  I have had them for 8 weeks.  I plan to begin removing them over the weekend.  There were many instances over the holidays when I felt like removing them but I just didn’t have the time.   The braids still look good but I don’t want my hair to knot too much which is why I am removing them.  I will give my hair some tlc for about 2 or 3 weeks after removing the braids, before relaxing it.

So what are my hair ‘goals’ for 2012:

  • I’m hoping by the end of 2012 I will have eliminated the thin ends from the days I was relaxing my hair bone straight.  Since I now only texlax my hair, I essentially have 2 textures, bone straight hair at the ends and texlaxed hair.  The thin ends will be eliminated by regular trimming.
  • I want to gain more length and be full BSL (bra strap length) by end of 2012.  I have been hovering on APL (arm pit length) for too long.
  • I will continue to wash and deep condition twice a week as well as moisturise daily.
  • I plan on practising more protective styles during the year.  I hope this will help me with retention and to reach full BSL.

I’m looking forward to the year ahead.  I hope you are too!


Ethnique Hair and Beauty Show 2011

29 Nov
I went to the Ethnique Hair and Beauty Show in Kliptown, Soweto yesterday.  It was my first hair show so I didn’t really know what to expect.  When I arrived I immediately realised it was a very small show.  I was able to walk around the room and view the stands in less than 30 minutes.  Some of the big name brand I saw were Crème of Nature, Profectiv, African Pride, Revlon Realistic, Isoplus and NexSheen Arganics.  Though it was called a hair and beauty show I did not see any beauty brands represented.  Granted I went on the last day and some exhibitors may not have shown their goods on the last day.

I managed to stay for a hairdresser competition.  About 8 hairstylists were competing for prizes in categories like Everyday Style, Street Style and Avante Garde.  I was impressed by some of the hairstylists skills though I felt that some of them could have made more effort.  Unfortunately I had to leave early to avoid traffic so I didn’t get to see who was crowned the winner. 

I wonder why the big brands didn’t support this hair show.  Notably absent were Mizani, Dark & Lovely, Lusters, Ladine, Sof n Free, Organic Root Stimulator, Sta Sof Fro, JoM, Jabu Stone etc.  It just left me wondering why these brands were shunning this show.  Some of them were at the show last year (according to the website).  Again, I acknowledge that I only attended on the last day so I may have missed some exhibitors if they chose not to show on the last day.

Below are some pics from the event:

The Isoplus stand

One of the Avante Garde contestants

The back of the hairstyle above

One of the Street Style contestants

Street Style side view

One of the 'Everyday" styles

Street style

The back of the style above

My Destiny Power Cover experience

11 Nov

That's me on the far right

It all started just over a month ago when I saw a competition on the Destiny Magazine website to be on the cover of their 4th birthday issue (November issue).  They dubbed it the ‘Power Cover’.  I was intrigued.  The website revealed that 6 women (they later changed it to 12) would appear on the November cover with 6 mentors.  The competition required that you choose 3 mentors from a list and ask each of them 3 questions.  Winners would be chosen on the strength of their questions.  I reviewed the list of mentors and realised that it consisted of really great women who I would have loved to meet in real life.  My mind was made up.  I was entering the competition.  I decided that my strategy to win would be to ask questions that were personal to me.  That way I felt my questions had a better chance of standing out as they were unlikely to be repeated by others since they were personal to me.  I immediately entered my questions on the website, said a little prayer and then forgot about it. Continue reading