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I got some Scurl!

7 Feb


My friend Irene got me some Scurl Curl No Drip Activator Moisturiser from Zimbabwe.  I was so grateful.  We haven’t had this moisturiser in South Africa for some time now.  This is one of the first moisturisers I used when I started taking proper care of my hair.  I even did a post on it back in 2011.  I found it really moisturising back then, I wondered if I would feel the same this time round.

The first thing I noticed is that the ingredients have changed.  I wondered if I would still like it or if the change in formula would affect its efficacy.  They have added oils (argan and olive oil) and they have also removed parabens.  The main ingredients (water, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol and propylene glycol) remain the same.  I’m happy to say I still love this moisturiser.  Along with the change in formula is also a change in fragrance.  The moisturiser now has a sweet smell.  I don’t really mind the new smell because it’s quite light.

Regular readers will know that my last relaxer was more than a year ago.  I have major new growth on my head!  This moisturiser made it very soft and to detangle.  My hair has become quite difficult to handle with the two different textures I have on my head but this moisturiser makes it much easier.  I will definitely make sure I don’t run out.  I will make sure I ask my friends and relatives for more bottles when I run out.

Irene bought the moisturiser for US$6 (approximately R66) in Pick n Pay Kamfinsa (Harare, Zimbabwe).  It’s a 236ml / 8fl oz bottle.


Water, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Argan Oil, Olive Oil,  Acetamide MEA, Ceteth-20, Olealkonium Chloride, Stearalkonium Chloride, Panthenol, Simethicone, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, Fragrance, Benzyl Benzoate, Linalool, Benzyl Salicylate, Limonene, Coumarin, Alpha-isomethyl Ionone

Any of you using Scurl Activator Moisturiser?  What do you think of it?


Jamaican black castor oil review

6 Sep


I’ve been meaning to do a review of Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO) for some time now.  I guess the time is now right because I’ve just finished a bottle J  I bought this bottle online about a year ago.  I bought it for US$6.52 on Amazon.  The reason why this bottle of JBCO lasted so long is because I mixed it 50:50 with coconut oil.  I did this because I found it to be very thick when applying to my scalp and hair.  When adding to conditioners though I used it undiluted.  I added about a teaspoon or so to the amount of conditioner I needed for one application.


the coconut oil I use (from Dischem)


JBCO is a dark coloured oil.  The smell reminds me of roasted nuts.  The smell is quite strong but I found that it wasn’t as bad when the oil was diluted or added to conditioner.  I also found it to be thicker than the regular castor oil.  I used the oil mix (JBCO and coconut) mostly when my hair was braided or in cornrows.  I applied it lightly to a clean scalp.  I also used it when undoing cornrows. I applied it liberally to the scalp along the cornrow lines (using an applicator bottle) then proceeded to undo the rows.  This way the oil went onto the hair and ‘lubricated’ it.  I also used the oil mix for doing overnight pre shampoo treatments.  I’d apply the oil mix to my scalp and hair before bed, wear a plastic cap them tie it into place with a scarf.  I’d shampoo my hair the next morning.


my repurposed applicator bottle with a bit of oil mix inside. The coconut oil has made it solidify because the weather is still a bit cool.


So what did I think – JBCO made my hair really soft.  I don’t know whether it increased growth (which is what its popular for), but it definitely made my new growth super soft, especially after doing a pre shampoo treatment.  Would I continue to buy it – definitely! 

JBCO is available in South Africa through Ruutos Hair.  They ship within Africa too.  Look out for a JBCO giveaway coming soon. 



Product review – Revlon Special Feeling Super Soft Activator

8 May


Thought I would just share my experiences with this moisturiser which I bought on a whim while taking pics for a post.  What made me buy it was the name, I was drawn to the fact that it was a ‘super soft activator’ and I was curious to see if it would work in making my new growth super soft.

One of the things that also made me buy it is that Scurl Activator Moisturiser has been out of stock for months now.  This looked like it might be a good substitute.

My thoughts:

I really liked this moisturiser.  I did make my new growth ‘super soft’.  I last relaxed my hair six months ago so I am dealing with a lot of new growth.  I have been using it by applying it directly to the new growth and a bit to my ends. I’ve also applied a bit to my sons hair and it works well on his hair too.


I discovered the hard way that I cannot be heavy handed with this product.  It tends to coat the hair and make the hair heavy and limp.  I also learnt that the best way for me to prevent this was to use a bit every other day instead of daily. The heavy coating may be because it has some silicone as the 8th ingredient.

I cannot pronounce some of the ingredients because they are so long!  It had me wondering what they are exactly.

Directions on the bottle:

Place a small amount of Super Soft Activator in the palm of your hand and massage gently through hair.  Style as desired.


Water, Glycerin, Stearalkonium chloride, Cetyl alcohol, PEG – 4 stearate, Hydrolysed Collagen, Methylparaben, Sodium chloride, Simethicone, Fragrance, Propylparaben, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Disodium phosphate.

 I bought this product at Sweet Penny for R21.99 (approx US$2.50).  It’s also available at Checkers.

Product review – T444Z hair food

6 Nov

I promised you a review of T444Z Hair Food so here it is…

T444Z is a hair product developed by a hairdresser in London.  It is available in many countries in the world and sold mainly through agents.  I got a jar of T444Z from my sister several months ago.  She had used it on her hairline and loved it so she gave me her jar to try.  She told me she had used it for 3 weeks on her hairline after it had thinned from braids and her hair had grown back.  I was sceptical but I accepted the jar and promised her I would try it the next time I had braids.

I used T444Z on my scalp during the 8 weeks I had braids.  I applied it once a week after I had washed my braids (and waited for them to dry).  I applied it quite sparingly, it is very easy to apply too much because of the consistency – it just glides onto the scalp and seems to melt in.  It has a light ‘pepperminty’ smell.  I had braids for 8 weeks or so, so that’s the number of times I used it in all.  During this time I moisturised my hair with braid spray, I used braid spray generously each day.  I did not spray it on my scalp though.  The product is specified to be a product for the scalp and not for the hair since it works by stimulating the scalp.

Like I said above, when my sister gave me the jar I was sceptical.  The jar is quite plain, like something you can buy from a supermarket / pharmacy and it does not look custom-made.  The label is also very simple.  The name also threw me off.  I just thought ‘what type of name is T444Z for a hair product’!  It sounded like a chemical formulation to me!  I was also thrown by the claim of ‘massive hair growth, volume and thickness’ on the jar.  I read the ingredient list though and it was all natural which led me to agree to use it.

I then visited the website.  There are many testimonials / profiles of women who have used the product to resolve issues such as thin hairlines and balding which many struggle with.  The website uses pictures to track changes while using the product and I must say the changes are phenomenal.  I did think the website did not have a professional feel to it.

So what did I think?!  I think this product made my new growth come out softer and stronger (is there such a thing!).  I also think it make my hair thicker.  I’ve observed this in the few days after my relaxer as I’ve tied my hair into a bun.  The hair feels thicker when I pull it all together before tying it back.  There just seems to be more hair than I remember.  So is this a miracle product?  I think it has some great ingredients including castor oil and aloe which are known to promote grown and in turn thicken the hair.  The rosemary, peppermint and menthol work on the scalp and keep itching at bay.  I do not remember feeling the urge to scratch my scalp while I was using it!  The ‘herbal extract’ and ‘essential oils’ I thought were not detailed on the ingredients list to stop the product being copied.

The issue of contention with this product comes with the price.  My sister bought the jar months ago for US$25 in Zimbabwe.  In South Africa it sells for R300 (about US$35).  This is a lot of money for a 150g jar.  I know many women have stayed away from this product because of the price.  So would I buy this product?  If I had balding or a thin hairline I would.  All I would want is something that works and I think this does.  I did realise some good growth in the time that I was using this product.  Can I say my hair grew faster because of T444Z?  It’s almost impossible to tell.  What I do know though is that my hair is definitely thicker.

What I would change

If this product was mine I would revamp the website by giving it a professional feel.  I would also revamp the label and the packaging – not to necessarily make it more expensive but to improve its appearance.  I believe some are put off by the price when they look at the packaging and label and they never even give the product a chance.

Product information from the jar:


Aloe, herbal extract, rose oil, chamomile, menthol, rosemary leaf extract, castor oil, peppermint, papaya extracts, vitamin A, carrot extract, shea butter and essential oils.

Directions for use:

Wash your hair and dry it thoroughly.  Apply T444Z, massaging into the scalp.  Apply to the whole head once a week.  For damaged areas such as bald patches and hairline apply daily.

The distributors of T444Z in South Africa have given me some jars for a giveaway.  I will post details of the giveaway on the blog tomorrow.  Enter for a chance to win and try it for yourself.

Have any of you tried T444Z?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this product.

Huetiful hair steamer – my thoughts

1 Apr

I have been using the Huetiful Hair steamer for about a month now.  In that time I have used it six times.  I had planned to use it once a week but I have found myself using it more than that.  To summarise how I feel about the steamer – I love it!!  I definitely feel that it is more moisturising than using a dome dryer which is how I used to deep condition my hair before I got the steamer.  The downside that I foresee is that I will use the steamer too often and my hair will become over moisturised. 

Here are my thoughts:

  •          The steamer is compact, easy to store and light to carry.  I keep all the components inside the dome and place the dome in a cupboard.  It is small enough to fit in a cupboard among my clothes.
  •          The steamer is easy to assemble as well as take apart once I’m done.  The first time I used it I followed the ‘how-to’ on the official website.  The video was easy to follow and I only needed to watch the video.
  •          I feel like the steamer works best when I use a deep conditioner that has oil or when I add an oil to the conditioner.  I seem to get the best results this way.  The first time I used it I used Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Pack.  My hair was very soft.  The next time I added coconut oil to it and my hair was even softer (super soft!)  The next time I used the steamer I left out the oil and my hair wasn’t as soft as when I added the oil.  I added the oil again the next time and once again I had super soft hair!  I think the steamer would be excellent when used on natural hair.
  •          The steamer switches off after 20 minutes.  No need to worry about the steamer running out of water.
  •          I was also given the facial attachment to use to steam my face.  I haven’t used this yet.  Id actually forgotten I had it! I will let you know what I think when I use it.
  •          I wish the dome was bigger.  While sitting under the dome, the steamer does not get to all the hair.  The back of my head remains cold while the front is hot.  To remedy this I turn around and sit facing the steamer halfway through steaming.  Alternatively I run the steamer twice, once sitting facing forwards and the second time around sitting facing the steamer.  On second thoughts, the problem may not be the size of the dome but how the steam rotates within the dome.
  •          You cannot adjust the height of the steamer.  You have to adjust the height of your seat or the height of the surface you place the steamer on.  I remember reading somewhere that you can place it on an ironing board and adjust the ironing board height to suit you. 

I love the steamer and I will continue to use it.  I think I will be very happy I have it in winter because my hair gets quite dry during the winter months. 

Product review – Organic Root Stimulator Anti-Itch Scalp Oil

8 Dec

I thought I would do a review of a product I started using about 2 weeks ago.  The product is Organic Root Stimulator Anti-Itch Scalp Oil.  I have used it before on my daughter who spends about ¾ of the year with her hair braided.  I use this product on her scalp occasionally if it is looking dry.  I decided to try it on myself and I must say I am glad I did.  The product is quite thick and it has a ‘gel’ consistency so it doesn’t run.  It also has a very faint smell.  I applied it at night before I slept and I couldn’t smell it while I was sleeping.  This is a big plus for me!  I applied it to my scalp after washing my braids.  I waited until the braids were dry before applying it.  I find it’s easier to apply product to the scalp once the braids are dry.  I then proceeded to spray braid spray on the braids themselves.  I like this product enough to keep using it until I remove my braids in a months’ time.  I will apply it to my scalp after each weekly wash.

Directions for use on the bottle:

Apply directly to your scalp and massage in when you feel itch or dryness.  Use after braiding or twisting to relieve tightness.  May be used regularly to help maintain a healthy scalp.


Soybean oil, isoproyl myristate, polyethylene, almond oil, aloe vera oil, benzocaine, lanolin oil, menthol, propylparaben, bht, fragrance.

Product review – Luster’s Scurl Activator Moisturizer

6 Sep

I thought I would do a product review for a product that I always have in my cupboard.  The product is Luster’s Scurl Activator Moisturizer.  I began buying Scurl Activator Moisturizer after reading so much about it on many hair blogs.  It is often described as an excellent moisturiser and always gets the thumbs up for being very moisturising without containing any mineral oil / petrolatum.

I use this moisturiser frequently but I use it most often when I am about 6 weeks and more post relaxer and my new growth is coming in thick and fast.  This is one product that can immediately soften my new growth and make it manageable.  I simply part my hair into sections and spray directly onto the new growth.  At other times though I spray into my hands and moisturise my hair in sections concentrating on the ends.  I will often follow all this by sealing with a bit of coconut oil.  I rub a bit of coconut oil in my hands and apply it to the hair.

In South Africa we get the product in a 355ml bottle.  In other countries though they have many sizes to choose from.  The 355ml bottle costs about R25 (approximately USD4).  I buy it from Clicks (It’s more readily available at larger Clicks stores like Menlyn, Centurion, Eastgate etc).  The moisturiser is runny and has a faint smell.  It was initially designed for curly perms / jheri curls but works very well for natural and relaxed hair styles.  As soon as you apply it your hair feels soft and moisturised.


Water, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Acetamide MEA, Ceteth-20, Olealkonium Chloride, Stearalkonium Chloride, Panthenol, Simethicone, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Fragrance.

Directions on the bottle:

Hold bottle about six inches from hair.  Spray evenly over the entire head, massage completely through, then style.  Use daily to maintain proper moisture balance.

If you have never used this product, give it a try and let me know what you think 🙂

** Note

In South Africa, Clicks no longer stocks Luster’s Scurl Activator Moisturizer.  In Capetown you can buy it at Station Cosmetics.  They have shops in Belville, Claremont and Kuilsriver.  In Gauteng you can buy it at Africa Cash and Carry, Jumbo Cash and Carry and Charlie Parker.