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Healthy Hair Indaba 2014 Sold Out

30 Jan

healthy hair indaba sold out

The Healthy Hair Indaba for 2014 is sold out.  Thank you to those who bought tickets.  We have a great afternoon planned for you. The goodie bags will be awesome too 😉  Can’t wait!


Exciting things coming up!!

17 Jan

In my previous post I promised exciting things to come….   Well here is a hint for the first thing!  Tickets go on sale 22 January 2014.  I will be sharing more details soon.

HHI Teaser

Where have I been?

9 Dec

baby shoes

I’m sure many of you have been wondering where I have been.  I have been blogging quite eratically for most of this year.  Well the reason is that I was pregnant!  I gave birth to a baby boy about a week ago.  The baby and I are doing well and getting used to each other.  After my monthly update post,  I will take a short break and give the baby my full attention.  I will be back to normal blogging in January 2014.

My pregnancy is the main reason why my last relaxer was just over a year ago.  As with my previous two pregnancies, I stopped relaxing my hair.  This is just a personal choice I have made – not to relax my hair while pregnant.  Now that I have had the baby I will probably relax it again  in January.  Let’s see how it goes.

I will be on the lookout for any postpartum shedding.  I will let you all know if it does happen.

Hair update – 48 weeks post relaxer

13 Nov


It’s been over 48 weeks since my last relaxer.  I had cornrows about a month ago which I wore for two weeks before removing them.  I now have a lot of new growth.  I’m at that point where I no longer see (or feel) the difference in new growth from month to month.  It’s just a lot of new growth now!  I have been keeping it very simple, making sure to moisturise daily but keeping styling to a minimum.

revlonI’ve been moisturising with my Revlon Special Feeling Super Soft Activator.  It really helps make my growth soft.  Styling wise I have been relying heavily on my afro attachment which i bought from Clicks for R78 (approx US$7.80).  I find the texture blends well with the texture of my hair right now.  It helps minimise the need for excessive styling.  All I really need to do is tie my hair back and place the attachment over the tied hair.  I bought the ‘mini afro’ in colour four.  There is a bigger puff called ‘afro pom pom’ but I wanted something smaller.


I’m planning cornrows again.  I will share pics as soon as I have them done.


Darling High Tea

29 Nov

Last Friday I was invited to a High Tea hosted by Darling South Africa at Mangwanani Spa.  It was an intimate gathering with women mostly from the beauty division of magazines.  It was a great day that ended in a blissful full body massage.

Mangwanani Spa

The event MC was Thuli Tabethe, who began proceedings by showing the trailer to ‘Good Hair’ and then leading a discussion on what we defined as ‘good hair’.  It was interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts.  The discussion reinforced how much stress women go through when it comes to their hair as well as how often hair stylists make mistakes with our hair.

Thuli Thabete

Nthato Mashishi then led a question and answer session where his focus was on healthy hair and keeping hair healthy underneath weaves and braids.  He stressed that for a great hairstyle it was important to take care of the foundation (the hair).

Nthato Mashishi

Among the questions asked were how long to keep a weave (about a month) and how often to get a treatment (at least every two weeks).  He was also asked how long it takes for a hairline to recover (it differs with each person).  I really enjoyed the discussion.  Nthato then introduced us to some models who had Darling hair weaves and braids.

Darling models

After the two sessions we went off to the change rooms to put on robes and slippers.  This was followed by a soothing foot massage and immediately after a full body hot stone massage.  The full body massage was so relaxing I think I fell asleep during the massage!

Foot massage

Thank you Darling South Africa.  I had a great time.


I got curlformers!!

26 Sep

I got some curlformers!   I’m so happy!  This is one of the things that have been on my wish list for quite a long time.  I remember even mentioning that this may be what will make me retire my old school rollers!  I had not bought them as I was scared to spend so much money on something I may not like.

I first got to know of curlformers when I saw a youtube video by Whitney of Naptural85.  In the video she sets her 4a natural hair with curlformers and it comes out looking great.  What I loved about the curlformers from watching the video is that you can sleep with them unlike the rollers I currently use.

Hair Flair Limited (the guys who make curlformers) were kind enough to send me a styling kit.  It consists of two hooks, three packs of long and wide and three packs of extra-long and wide curlformers.  This makes 42 curlformers in all.  I also got a bag to keep them in.  I realise that I will have to learn to use the curlformers but I don’t mind.  I’m sure it will take only a few tries before I get it right.  I will also watch Whitneys video for tips as she shows how she uses them.

I will be undoing my braids in a few days and I will relax my hair after about two weeks.  I will then give the curlformers a try.  I’m looking forward to it!

Curlformers do not have any distributors in Africa but they can be bought off the website.  Currently the African countries they deliver to are South Africa and Egypt.  I hope they add on more countries soon.

the curlformers

Anyone have experience with curlformers?  Please share any tips.