Where have I been?

9 Dec

baby shoes

I’m sure many of you have been wondering where I have been.  I have been blogging quite eratically for most of this year.  Well the reason is that I was pregnant!  I gave birth to a baby boy about a week ago.  The baby and I are doing well and getting used to each other.  After my monthly update post,  I will take a short break and give the baby my full attention.  I will be back to normal blogging in January 2014.

My pregnancy is the main reason why my last relaxer was just over a year ago.  As with my previous two pregnancies, I stopped relaxing my hair.  This is just a personal choice I have made – not to relax my hair while pregnant.  Now that I have had the baby I will probably relax it again  in January.  Let’s see how it goes.

I will be on the lookout for any postpartum shedding.  I will let you all know if it does happen.


Hair update – 48 weeks post relaxer

13 Nov


It’s been over 48 weeks since my last relaxer.  I had cornrows about a month ago which I wore for two weeks before removing them.  I now have a lot of new growth.  I’m at that point where I no longer see (or feel) the difference in new growth from month to month.  It’s just a lot of new growth now!  I have been keeping it very simple, making sure to moisturise daily but keeping styling to a minimum.

revlonI’ve been moisturising with my Revlon Special Feeling Super Soft Activator.  It really helps make my growth soft.  Styling wise I have been relying heavily on my afro attachment which i bought from Clicks for R78 (approx US$7.80).  I find the texture blends well with the texture of my hair right now.  It helps minimise the need for excessive styling.  All I really need to do is tie my hair back and place the attachment over the tied hair.  I bought the ‘mini afro’ in colour four.  There is a bigger puff called ‘afro pom pom’ but I wanted something smaller.


I’m planning cornrows again.  I will share pics as soon as I have them done.


Hair update – 44 weeks post relaxer

15 Oct


It’s now 44 weeks since my last relaxer.  I removed the braids and wore my hair out for about two weeks before getting the cornrows I have now.  Because of the two distinct textures I have in my hair there is not much I can do in terms of styling it when it is not in braids or cornrows.  I mostly tied it back and wore a head band.

In the two weeks between protective styles I made sure to do pre shampoo treatments and to deep condition the hair.  I did this twice weekly.  After removing braids I always ensure I give the hair some ‘tlc’ to help up the moisture levels and to strengthen it.

I will wear the cornrows for two weeks before undoing them.  While in cornrows I moisturise daily using braid spray.  I also lightly apply an oil to my scalp.  I have been using mostly coconut oil for this.  Since I only keep the cornrows for two weeks I do not wash my hair while it’s in this style.


Jamaican black castor oil giveaway winners

20 Sep

jbco winners (2)


Congratulations to Sthabile Khumalo from South Africa and Olubiyi Ifeoluwa from Nigeria. They were randomly selected as the winners of a bottle of Jamaican Black Castor Oil each. Theirs were the the 141st and 127th comment respectively.

Thank you to all those who entered.



Hair update – 40 weeks post relaxer

11 Sep


I cannot believe it’s been 40 weeks since my last relaxer!!  It’s also been just over 8 weeks with these braids on my head.  It’s now time to remove them.   They have loosened quite a bit but they still look neat.  It’s time to remove them though before the knots get crazy and difficult to manage.


I’ve given the braids one last wash and I am going to smother them with a detangler.  I use Organic Root Stimulator Shea Butter lotion (pictured).  See this post on how I remove braids and detangle hair afterwards.  This is how I remove my braids (as well as my daughters) every single time.  It assures I lose as little hair as possible through breakage.

I will give my hair some tlc for the next 2 weeks before I decide what to do next.  I will make sure to deep condition often as well as moisturise the hair adequately.

For everything braids and braid care take a look at this post where I detail everything I do to the hair to prepare for braids, while I have braids and after removing them.

I will put up another post once I have removed the braids.  It usually takes me a few days because I undo for a few hours a day.  I begin from the back of my head so I can tie the braids back and it doesn’t show that I’m undoing them.


Jamaican black castor oil giveaway

9 Sep


The giveaway is now closed.

Thanks to Ruutos Hair, I have two bottles of Sunny Isle Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) to give away to two lucky winners.  Each bottle is 240ml.  Ruutos Hair distribute Sunny Isle products within South Africa.  They also ship to other African countries.  I often get lots of questions about JBCO.  This is your chance to try it for yourself.  For more information on Ruutos Hair as well as their product offering visit their website.  Sunny Isle JBCO is available in the following African countries, use the contact details in each country for more information:


+260 979 230 611


+264 813 696 014


+267 723 314 77

South Africa

79 Hill Street

Ferndale, Randburg

+27 11 326 4296

+27 76 238 0685

If your country is not listed here, contact Ruutos Hair in South Africa and they can courier to you.  They also courier to other cities within South African.

Read about my own experience with JBCO here.

How to enter the giveaway:

  1. Subscribe to the blog by entering your email address on the homepage (top right hand corner).  The giveaway is only open to blog subscribers so you need to be subscribed.  Skip this step if you are already a subscriber.
  2. Write the country you reside as a comment in the comment box below (the giveaway is only open to residents of an African country).
  3. Please only enter once.

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  4. The giveaway is open to those who reside in an African country and the product will only be shipped to an African country!

Jamaican black castor oil review

6 Sep


I’ve been meaning to do a review of Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO) for some time now.  I guess the time is now right because I’ve just finished a bottle J  I bought this bottle online about a year ago.  I bought it for US$6.52 on Amazon.  The reason why this bottle of JBCO lasted so long is because I mixed it 50:50 with coconut oil.  I did this because I found it to be very thick when applying to my scalp and hair.  When adding to conditioners though I used it undiluted.  I added about a teaspoon or so to the amount of conditioner I needed for one application.


the coconut oil I use (from Dischem)


JBCO is a dark coloured oil.  The smell reminds me of roasted nuts.  The smell is quite strong but I found that it wasn’t as bad when the oil was diluted or added to conditioner.  I also found it to be thicker than the regular castor oil.  I used the oil mix (JBCO and coconut) mostly when my hair was braided or in cornrows.  I applied it lightly to a clean scalp.  I also used it when undoing cornrows. I applied it liberally to the scalp along the cornrow lines (using an applicator bottle) then proceeded to undo the rows.  This way the oil went onto the hair and ‘lubricated’ it.  I also used the oil mix for doing overnight pre shampoo treatments.  I’d apply the oil mix to my scalp and hair before bed, wear a plastic cap them tie it into place with a scarf.  I’d shampoo my hair the next morning.


my repurposed applicator bottle with a bit of oil mix inside. The coconut oil has made it solidify because the weather is still a bit cool.


So what did I think – JBCO made my hair really soft.  I don’t know whether it increased growth (which is what its popular for), but it definitely made my new growth super soft, especially after doing a pre shampoo treatment.  Would I continue to buy it – definitely! 

JBCO is available in South Africa through Ruutos Hair.  They ship within Africa too.  Look out for a JBCO giveaway coming soon.