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Happy New Year

17 Jan

pic 2

I know it’s late but happy new year to you!  I’ve had a great break and managed to spend quality time with family as well as with the new baby.  Thank you all for the well wishes.  He is fine and growing fast.

It’s now the 3rd anniversary of the blog.  I am amazed at how fast time has flown by.  Thank you for reading the blog.  I have many exciting posts (and things) lined up for this year.  I am looking forward to it and I hope you will keep reading the blog.

As for my hair, I had my last relaxer more than a year ago.  I choose not to relax my hair while pregnant.  I’ve managed to go so long between relaxers by doing protective styles (braids and cornrows).  When my hair is not in a protective style I do something really simple e.g. a bun.  I’ve been wary of post partum shedding.  I’ve been looking out for it.  It hasn’t started yet (thank goodness).  I do plan on relaxing my hair again, I’m just not sure when I will do it.

At the beginning of the year my hair goals for 2013 were to grow my hair to MBL (mid back length) as well as to practice more protective styling.  I really do not think my hair is mid back length yet.  I will know for sure when I relax again. I’m pretty sure it is full BSL (bra strap length) though.  As for protective styling, I definitely managed that with all the cornrows and braids I got last year.

I’m now back to regular blogging.  Please keep reading 🙂


Hair update – 48 weeks post relaxer

13 Nov


It’s been over 48 weeks since my last relaxer.  I had cornrows about a month ago which I wore for two weeks before removing them.  I now have a lot of new growth.  I’m at that point where I no longer see (or feel) the difference in new growth from month to month.  It’s just a lot of new growth now!  I have been keeping it very simple, making sure to moisturise daily but keeping styling to a minimum.

revlonI’ve been moisturising with my Revlon Special Feeling Super Soft Activator.  It really helps make my growth soft.  Styling wise I have been relying heavily on my afro attachment which i bought from Clicks for R78 (approx US$7.80).  I find the texture blends well with the texture of my hair right now.  It helps minimise the need for excessive styling.  All I really need to do is tie my hair back and place the attachment over the tied hair.  I bought the ‘mini afro’ in colour four.  There is a bigger puff called ‘afro pom pom’ but I wanted something smaller.


I’m planning cornrows again.  I will share pics as soon as I have them done.


Hair update – 40 weeks post relaxer

11 Sep


I cannot believe it’s been 40 weeks since my last relaxer!!  It’s also been just over 8 weeks with these braids on my head.  It’s now time to remove them.   They have loosened quite a bit but they still look neat.  It’s time to remove them though before the knots get crazy and difficult to manage.


I’ve given the braids one last wash and I am going to smother them with a detangler.  I use Organic Root Stimulator Shea Butter lotion (pictured).  See this post on how I remove braids and detangle hair afterwards.  This is how I remove my braids (as well as my daughters) every single time.  It assures I lose as little hair as possible through breakage.

I will give my hair some tlc for the next 2 weeks before I decide what to do next.  I will make sure to deep condition often as well as moisturise the hair adequately.

For everything braids and braid care take a look at this post where I detail everything I do to the hair to prepare for braids, while I have braids and after removing them.

I will put up another post once I have removed the braids.  It usually takes me a few days because I undo for a few hours a day.  I begin from the back of my head so I can tie the braids back and it doesn’t show that I’m undoing them.


Hair update – 36 weeks post relaxer

13 Aug

36 weeks

I’ve been in braids for just over four weeks now.  I plan on removing them in the first week of September when I will have had them for eight weeks.  I’ve kept up my usual routine when in braids – weekly washing, applying oil on scalp weekly and daily moisturising with braid spray.

It also happens to be 36 weeks since my last relaxer.  The new growth isn’t bothering me right now because of the braids.  Will see how it goes when I take the braids out.  I’m also already thinking about what to do when the braids come out.  I will definitely go for two weeks or so with my hair out to give it some tlc before deciding what to do next, maybe another  protective style perhaps!




A braid bible!

18 Jan
Beyonce in braids

Beyonce in braids

Thought I would write a long post about everything I know and everything I have learnt about braids!  I don’t braid my own hair very often but I have been braiding my daughter’s hair for two months at a time consistently for almost three years now.  Her hair has thrived and her hairline is intact.  I will share my experiences from having to take care of her hair and making sure that she benefits from braids and that they do not ruin her hair.  I hope you find this post useful.

Before getting braids

  • Try and get your hair in good condition before braiding it.  Do not use braids as a way to cover up and ignore your hair.  Rather use them as a protective style – meaning you will keep taking care of your hair, even if it is plaited.  Getting braids will not resolve any hair issues you may have.  These are bound to continue even if your hair is hidden away.
  • Choose a braid fibre that is light so your hair is not weighed down.  I think nowadays almost all fibre falls into this category.
  • If you can braid your own hair, rather do that.  No one can be more gentle with your hair than you.  If you can’t (like me), choose a braider that comes recommended.  You want someone who is neat as well as someone who understands that braids should not be too tight.
  • Wash, deep condition and moisturise your hair before it is braided.  If you need to, blow dry it lightly.  This helps in that the braider doesn’t have to deal with any detangling while they are doing your hair.  They are likely to just rip through any tangles as they work!

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Braids … again!

16 Jan


I’m back in braids!  I had my hair braided on Monday.  They were done by the same person who did my braids last time (also the same person who braids my daughter).  I used the same type of braid as last time (Expression), the only difference is that this time I chose colour 340.  I wasn’t too sure about it at first but I decided to just go for it anyway.  It’s a reddish brown but my dark hair does show through making it appear a bit darker.

I will keep the braids for eight weeks (until mid-March).  I will care for them as follows:

  • Wash weekly and apply conditioner that has been diluted in water, then put on a shower cap for an hour or so.  Diluted conditioner is easier to rinse off afterwards.
  • Moisturise daily with braid spray.  I like African Pride bride spray.  I will spray the braid spray generously until the braids feel damp.  I will use my spray bottle – it helps me moisturise much faster.
  • I will apply T444Z hair food to my scalp weekly after each wash when my braids dry.

I’m glad I got braids.  It gives me a break from detangling and combing!  I’m hoping to retain some length as well as thickness when I take them out in eight weeks time.


Hair update – 8 weeks post relaxer

9 Jan


Its 8 weeks since my last relaxer in November 2012.  Around 8 weeks is when I start being even more gentle with my hair because I will have quite a lot of growth.  I have started bunning my hair most days to lessen the combing and detangling.  I’ve made an appointment to have my hair braided early next week.  I will share pics and tell you all about it.  I will have the braids for 8 weeks before taking them off (around mid-March 2013).  The last wash before I get my hair braided I will do a protein treatment just to strengthen the hair and prepare it for the braids.  I will use Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise.

The pic above was my debut using curlformers.  I had just removed them.  I will put up a post tomorrow and tell you all about my experience with them.