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Hair Update

3 Mar

This was last week at the Healthy Hair Indaba. My hair was flat ironed so the textures blended well.


Now that the excitement of the Healthy Hair Indaba has passed I can give you an update of my hair.

As regular readers of the blog will know, I was pregnant for most of 2013.  I had my little boy at the end of November.  Because I was pregnant, I stopped relaxing my hair.  This is something I have done with all my pregnancies.  My last relaxer was in November 2012.

I’m often asked how I have managed to stretch the time between relaxers for so long.  My answer is that I have managed by getting protective styles (I had braids and cornrows often during this time).  I have also been doing very simple styles.  Most days my hair is in a simple bun.  Very little combing and styling.  I have also been washing my hair in sections and keeping it in twists while washing and deep conditioning.  I must admit it hasn’t been easy.  I’ve had to be extra careful to avoid excess / unnecessary breakage.

So what are my hair plans going forward?  I’m planning to relax my hair again mid-March 2014.  I have reached my goal of bra strap length but I have a feeling I may cut my hair back to arm pit length.  The reason for this is that the ends of my hair are likely to be thinner than the rest of the hair because of how long I have gone without relaxing.  The thinner ends are likely to annoy me!

The only issue I’m going to grapple with is where to go to get my relaxer done.  The hairstylist who has done my relaxers since 2011 stopped hairdressing and moved out of town.  I don’t know who I can trust now to do my hair.  The hairstylist I used to use understood how I liked my relaxers done (texlaxed) and also that I liked to leave my hairline out since I don’t see the need of applying relaxer crème to the ‘baby hair’.  My quest for a new hairstylist begins.  I have no idea where to even begin looking!  I will keep you posted on how things transpire.


Happy New Year

17 Jan

pic 2

I know it’s late but happy new year to you!  I’ve had a great break and managed to spend quality time with family as well as with the new baby.  Thank you all for the well wishes.  He is fine and growing fast.

It’s now the 3rd anniversary of the blog.  I am amazed at how fast time has flown by.  Thank you for reading the blog.  I have many exciting posts (and things) lined up for this year.  I am looking forward to it and I hope you will keep reading the blog.

As for my hair, I had my last relaxer more than a year ago.  I choose not to relax my hair while pregnant.  I’ve managed to go so long between relaxers by doing protective styles (braids and cornrows).  When my hair is not in a protective style I do something really simple e.g. a bun.  I’ve been wary of post partum shedding.  I’ve been looking out for it.  It hasn’t started yet (thank goodness).  I do plan on relaxing my hair again, I’m just not sure when I will do it.

At the beginning of the year my hair goals for 2013 were to grow my hair to MBL (mid back length) as well as to practice more protective styling.  I really do not think my hair is mid back length yet.  I will know for sure when I relax again. I’m pretty sure it is full BSL (bra strap length) though.  As for protective styling, I definitely managed that with all the cornrows and braids I got last year.

I’m now back to regular blogging.  Please keep reading 🙂

Hair update – 48 weeks post relaxer

13 Nov


It’s been over 48 weeks since my last relaxer.  I had cornrows about a month ago which I wore for two weeks before removing them.  I now have a lot of new growth.  I’m at that point where I no longer see (or feel) the difference in new growth from month to month.  It’s just a lot of new growth now!  I have been keeping it very simple, making sure to moisturise daily but keeping styling to a minimum.

revlonI’ve been moisturising with my Revlon Special Feeling Super Soft Activator.  It really helps make my growth soft.  Styling wise I have been relying heavily on my afro attachment which i bought from Clicks for R78 (approx US$7.80).  I find the texture blends well with the texture of my hair right now.  It helps minimise the need for excessive styling.  All I really need to do is tie my hair back and place the attachment over the tied hair.  I bought the ‘mini afro’ in colour four.  There is a bigger puff called ‘afro pom pom’ but I wanted something smaller.


I’m planning cornrows again.  I will share pics as soon as I have them done.


Hair update – 40 weeks post relaxer

11 Sep


I cannot believe it’s been 40 weeks since my last relaxer!!  It’s also been just over 8 weeks with these braids on my head.  It’s now time to remove them.   They have loosened quite a bit but they still look neat.  It’s time to remove them though before the knots get crazy and difficult to manage.


I’ve given the braids one last wash and I am going to smother them with a detangler.  I use Organic Root Stimulator Shea Butter lotion (pictured).  See this post on how I remove braids and detangle hair afterwards.  This is how I remove my braids (as well as my daughters) every single time.  It assures I lose as little hair as possible through breakage.

I will give my hair some tlc for the next 2 weeks before I decide what to do next.  I will make sure to deep condition often as well as moisturise the hair adequately.

For everything braids and braid care take a look at this post where I detail everything I do to the hair to prepare for braids, while I have braids and after removing them.

I will put up another post once I have removed the braids.  It usually takes me a few days because I undo for a few hours a day.  I begin from the back of my head so I can tie the braids back and it doesn’t show that I’m undoing them.


Hair update – 36 weeks post relaxer

13 Aug

36 weeks

I’ve been in braids for just over four weeks now.  I plan on removing them in the first week of September when I will have had them for eight weeks.  I’ve kept up my usual routine when in braids – weekly washing, applying oil on scalp weekly and daily moisturising with braid spray.

It also happens to be 36 weeks since my last relaxer.  The new growth isn’t bothering me right now because of the braids.  Will see how it goes when I take the braids out.  I’m also already thinking about what to do when the braids come out.  I will definitely go for two weeks or so with my hair out to give it some tlc before deciding what to do next, maybe another  protective style perhaps!




Hair update – 28 weeks post relaxer

4 Jun


I’m now back in cornrows again.  I kept the last ones for two weeks and then took a two week break before getting cornrows again.  I had planned to go just one week in between but ended up going two.

I did a pre shampoo treatment with a mix of coconut and Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO) the night before I got the cornrows.  In the morning I washed my hair and deep conditioned it.  I then tied a scarf over the plastic cap and went to the salon with the conditioner in my hair so all they had to do was rinse and blow dry.  There was a bit of drama when I had the cornrows done.  I initially went to a salon close to home.  After asking the girl who was doing my hair to start over twice because she hadn’t understood the style I wanted, I eventually gave up when I realised that the lines weren’t straight and the cornrows were just plain ugly!  After about eight lines I asked her to stop and undo my hair and I left.  I went back to the salon and the stylist who did my last cornrows.  I’ve learnt my lesson!

I’m now 28 weeks post relaxer.  I have lots of growth and I’m dealing with all sorts of textures on my head.  I’m being extra careful with my hair because I know that if I’m not vigilant my hair can begin to break, especially where the new growth meets the relaxed hair.

My plan is to have these cornrows for two weeks, go for one week with my hair out and then get braids or twists to see me through winter.

I will spray the hair with braid spray and apply my coconut / castor oil mix lightly to the scalp daily.


Hair update – 24 weeks post relaxer

6 May


It’s now 24 weeks (6 months) since my last relaxer.  Surprisingly, it’s actually going quite well! I have learnt that the best way to deal with plenty of growth when you are relaxed is to keep it soft and moisturised.  It then becomes easier to manage.  I have been using Revlon Special Feeling Super Soft Activator to achieve this (review coming soon).  Since I took the braids out, I have kept the hair almost exclusively in a bun.


I now have my hair in cornrows (I haven’t had this style in years!).  I had them done 3 days ago.  I went to a salon and had them done there.  The night before I got the cornrows, I did a pre-shampoo treatment with a mix of coconut oil and Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO).  This was then washed out at the salon using my own shampoo (which I took with me).  My hair was blow dried before the cornrows were done.


To look after the hair in cornrows I am applying my JBCO / coconut oil mix to the scalp in between the lines.  The reason I mix the two oils is because I find JBCO very thick, coconut oil helps to thin it.  The only downside is that because of the cold, the coconut oil makes the mixture solidify.  I have to heat the bottle in warm water each time before I use it.  I then spray braid spray on the hair, paying special attention to the plaited bit at the back of my head.  I spray the hair until its damp then tie a scarf over my head.  I do this at night just before bedtime.  In the morning I just remove the scarf and carry on as usual.  I’m doing the moisturising at night so that the scarf will make all the frizzy bits of hair lie flat by morning.  I make sure not to touch the hair in the morning so as not to disturb it.  I plan to keep the cornrows for two weeks.

Winter is fast approaching.  It’s already very cold in the mornings and evenings.  I have been wondering when I should get my next relaxer.  I plan to get braids done through winter so I may just forgo the relaxer and just get my hair braided.  I’ll keep you posted!

When was the last time you had cornrows done??