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The Healthy Hair Indaba 2014

27 Feb

Aisha, Kavuli, Wisaal, Tendayi and Carice

The inaugural Healthy Hair Indaba (HHI) was held this past Saturday the 22nd of February 2014 and boy did we have fun!  We spent many late nights over the past year or so planning and it was great to see everything we had planned unfold.  Our aim in hosting the HHI was to get like-minded women under one roof to discuss healthy hair.

The event was planned and hosted by myself along with four other bloggers (we call ourselves the Hair Gurus)  – Carice, Kavuli, Aisha and Wisaal.  It was held at the Motions Academy in Johannesburg CBD.  We hosted 60 attendees though we had about 90 people in attendance including media as well as representatives from some sponsors.


Inside the Motions Academy

The HHI was divided into two sections by a break.  Before the break we discussed hair problems / issues which included hair myths and common hair problems.  After the break we covered solutions to the hair problems, including the basics of hair care, product ingredients and kids hair care.  There was also a styling session before and after the break.

HHI goodie bag

Contents of the goodie bag

This HHI would not have been a success without the sponsors who were very generous.  The goodie bag alone was something else.  It was described often as a goodie bag on steroids!  Each product in the goodie bag was handpicked by the hair Gurus and we made sure that the bag was filled with mostly full size products.  The products on the goodie bag were valued at R1,667 (US$160).  I kept saying I’ve been to many events but never one where the goodie bag had so much stuff and was so heavy!

HHI sponsors

We also had lots of giveaways throughout the event, 34 to be precise! With 60 attendees more than half the women present managed to walk away with a prize.  The giveaways were worth R14,000 (R1,400).

hhi pic

Wisaal in the Citizen newspaper

We have received plenty of love from the media.  On the day of the HHI we trended on twitter under the hashtag #HHI14.  We also had a picture appear in the Citizen newspaper on the 24th of February as well as an article on the Citizen website.  On the 26th of February Carice was invited to Redi Thlabi’s show on Talk 702 to discuss hair.  You can listen to the podcast here.  We were also filmed for the show The Link that airs on SABC 1 on Wednesday at 6pm.  Our media partner was True Love magazine and they were also in attendance to cover the event.


Answering questions for ‘The Link’

As to how I wore my hair on this day, I had my hair flat ironed by Kavuli.  I wanted to wear it straight.  The flat ironing managed to blend the two textures I have on my head.


It was really great to meet some of the women who read my blog.  I loved putting faces to the names.  You can see more pics on the blogs facebook page.

In summary – it was a lovely day.





Hair update – 12 weeks post relaxer

4 Feb


I’m 12 weeks post relaxer and I have had braids for three weeks.  Things are going well and my braids still look decent.  I have washed the braids three times since I got them installed.  I have also kept up with daily moisturising using braid spray and weekly application of T444Z to the scalp.  The braids have now loosened and I am now able to style them.  It’s been very hot lately in Pretoria so I often put the braids in a bun to keep them off my face and neck.

The pic above shows what I mentioned in a previous post that you should try not to have too many braids on your hairline (especially if your hairline is weak).  It’s gentler on the hair.

I have five more weeks to go with braids before I remove them.  I don’t miss my hair yet!


T444Z hair food giveaway winners

20 Nov

The five winners of the T444Z giveaway are :

  1. LungiswaZ from South Africa
  2. Dimpho Phaladi from Botswana
  3. Nittapee from Nigeria
  4. Phumzile from South Africa
  5. Thuli from South Africa

The winners were drawn randomly using  Their comments on the giveaway post correspond to the numbers shown above.  The winners have been contacted by email and their prizes are being sent to them.

Congratulations ladies!!  Let us know how the product works for you.

T444Z Hair Food giveaway

7 Nov

*This giveaway has closed*

Thanks to Niche Hair Products, I have five jars of T444Z Hair Food to give away to five lucky winners.  Niche Hair Products are the distributors of T444Z to South Africa and Namibia.  After yesterday’s review post I have been getting a lot of enquiries.  This is your chance to try it out for yourself and see if it will work for you. For information on T444Z visit their website.  T444Z is available in the following African countries, use the contact details for each country for more information.

South Africa and Namibia

072 995 2994, 071 895 0178


0773 096 030, 0 773 541 022    


0726 434 349, 0727 237 949    


0965 188 304, 0966 452 534


0704 111 169


 074 011 752, 073 011 752


0713 423 444, 0786 670 657


How to enter the giveaway:

  1. Subscribe to the blog by entering your email address on the homepage (top right hand corner).  The giveaway is only open to blog subscribers so you need to be subscribed.  Skip this step if you are already a subscriber.
  2. Write the country you reside as a comment in the comment box below (the giveaway is only open to residents of an African country).
  3. Please only enter once.

 Rules of participation in the giveaway:

  1. The giveaway will close on Thursday 15 November 2012 at 12.00pm (GMT+2).
  2. The winners will be picked at random using
  3. The winners will be contacted using the email addresses used to subscribe to the blog.
  4. The giveaway is open to those who reside in an African country and the product will only be shipped to an African country!

Product review – T444Z hair food

6 Nov

I promised you a review of T444Z Hair Food so here it is…

T444Z is a hair product developed by a hairdresser in London.  It is available in many countries in the world and sold mainly through agents.  I got a jar of T444Z from my sister several months ago.  She had used it on her hairline and loved it so she gave me her jar to try.  She told me she had used it for 3 weeks on her hairline after it had thinned from braids and her hair had grown back.  I was sceptical but I accepted the jar and promised her I would try it the next time I had braids.

I used T444Z on my scalp during the 8 weeks I had braids.  I applied it once a week after I had washed my braids (and waited for them to dry).  I applied it quite sparingly, it is very easy to apply too much because of the consistency – it just glides onto the scalp and seems to melt in.  It has a light ‘pepperminty’ smell.  I had braids for 8 weeks or so, so that’s the number of times I used it in all.  During this time I moisturised my hair with braid spray, I used braid spray generously each day.  I did not spray it on my scalp though.  The product is specified to be a product for the scalp and not for the hair since it works by stimulating the scalp.

Like I said above, when my sister gave me the jar I was sceptical.  The jar is quite plain, like something you can buy from a supermarket / pharmacy and it does not look custom-made.  The label is also very simple.  The name also threw me off.  I just thought ‘what type of name is T444Z for a hair product’!  It sounded like a chemical formulation to me!  I was also thrown by the claim of ‘massive hair growth, volume and thickness’ on the jar.  I read the ingredient list though and it was all natural which led me to agree to use it.

I then visited the website.  There are many testimonials / profiles of women who have used the product to resolve issues such as thin hairlines and balding which many struggle with.  The website uses pictures to track changes while using the product and I must say the changes are phenomenal.  I did think the website did not have a professional feel to it.

So what did I think?!  I think this product made my new growth come out softer and stronger (is there such a thing!).  I also think it make my hair thicker.  I’ve observed this in the few days after my relaxer as I’ve tied my hair into a bun.  The hair feels thicker when I pull it all together before tying it back.  There just seems to be more hair than I remember.  So is this a miracle product?  I think it has some great ingredients including castor oil and aloe which are known to promote grown and in turn thicken the hair.  The rosemary, peppermint and menthol work on the scalp and keep itching at bay.  I do not remember feeling the urge to scratch my scalp while I was using it!  The ‘herbal extract’ and ‘essential oils’ I thought were not detailed on the ingredients list to stop the product being copied.

The issue of contention with this product comes with the price.  My sister bought the jar months ago for US$25 in Zimbabwe.  In South Africa it sells for R300 (about US$35).  This is a lot of money for a 150g jar.  I know many women have stayed away from this product because of the price.  So would I buy this product?  If I had balding or a thin hairline I would.  All I would want is something that works and I think this does.  I did realise some good growth in the time that I was using this product.  Can I say my hair grew faster because of T444Z?  It’s almost impossible to tell.  What I do know though is that my hair is definitely thicker.

What I would change

If this product was mine I would revamp the website by giving it a professional feel.  I would also revamp the label and the packaging – not to necessarily make it more expensive but to improve its appearance.  I believe some are put off by the price when they look at the packaging and label and they never even give the product a chance.

Product information from the jar:


Aloe, herbal extract, rose oil, chamomile, menthol, rosemary leaf extract, castor oil, peppermint, papaya extracts, vitamin A, carrot extract, shea butter and essential oils.

Directions for use:

Wash your hair and dry it thoroughly.  Apply T444Z, massaging into the scalp.  Apply to the whole head once a week.  For damaged areas such as bald patches and hairline apply daily.

The distributors of T444Z in South Africa have given me some jars for a giveaway.  I will post details of the giveaway on the blog tomorrow.  Enter for a chance to win and try it for yourself.

Have any of you tried T444Z?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this product.